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Net Talk • Up and Coming UK act about to top charts
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Up and Coming UK act about to top charts

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:48 pm
by roddismith
With Major Record labels keeping tabs on up and coming UK act "Kofi Stacks and The Mandem", it will be a real tussle to see who gets their signature.

Coming off the remix of Adele's "Someone like you", Kofi Stacks has put a stamp on the industry with his approach and style. With his band, The Mandem, he brings a refreshing twist to the UK music scene.

The promo video that was banned by Youtube, but now reinstated with a warning notice shows the creativity of Kofi Stack and The Mandem as they tackle real life scenarios.

Take a look for yourself to see if it should of been banned in the first place....