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Net Talk • 98.7 AMP RADIO Debuts In Detroit
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98.7 AMP RADIO Debuts In Detroit

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 5:45 am
by jdenver
98.7 AMP RADIO is live. Check out the details here: ... t-launches

What do you think of it?

Re: 98.7 AMP RADIO Debuts In Detroit

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 6:43 pm
by sapple_adam
Let the games begin. Been awhile since the last Top 40 throw down in Motown. And though he's not gonna be part of the Top 40 battle, welcome back, JJ!

Re: 98.7 AMP RADIO Debuts In Detroit

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:58 am
by tuneguru84
Kind of surprised that Dom didn't do a more Rhythmic presentation at AMP. Right now it's a brighter, tighter, more-music version of WKQI, which recently broadened its musical stance to appeal to the PPM methodology.

Will that work?

KAMP in L.A. is definitely more Rhythmic and is really starting to carve into KIIS in 18-34 women.

What's most mass appeal in Detroit? Methinks it's a Top 40 vibe with a Rhythmic thrust.

Re: 98.7 AMP RADIO Debuts In Detroit

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:19 pm
by chrr
The station's music mix is right on target. While Channel 95-5 is a very Rhythmic leaning CHR/Pop station ala 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles, the new Amp Radio 98.7 is more broad-based musically similar to Z-100 New York.
The stations positioning statements as the station that plays all the hits is a way to let listeners of both Channel 95-5 and (Hot AC) WDVD 96.3. You'll notice that Channel 95-5 bills itself as Detroit's Hit Muisc Channel, and WDVD claims a Today's Best Hits Without the Rap statement.
The weekend launch was great - the call-ins from the street team hitting up every part of the metro made for some good hype.
I expect this new CHR/Pop outlet to perform very well within a few months time.