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New Country artist struggles

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:28 pm
by karllewis
We've had some good recent success with new artists not only having their early hits go to the Top of the charts and then follow up songs doing ok including Kelsea Ballerini, Old D, Locash, and Maren Morris.

-but -

It seems to me that recently we have a rush of new country artists have a big hit and then struggle mightily with follow ups -

-A Thousand Horses - 'Smoke" did great then "Drunk Dial" did not fare well.
-Maddie and Tae - "Girl in A Country Song" great, "Fly" did ok and "Fish" didn't crack top 10
-Brothers Osborne - "Stay A Little Longer" great "21 Summer" didn't do great and hopefully I'm wrong but not sure "Ain't my Fault" is getting much traction.
- Cam "Burning House" great - Mayday struggled
- Canaan Smith - "Love You Like that" #1 Hole in the Bottle - not top 20

I guess the one that really triggered this thought is William Michael Morgan. "I Met a Girl" was huge and I think "Missing" is a great song but doesn't appear to be gaining much steam. I jumped all over that song as an add and not sure it will make it very far.

I guess we will see how the follow ups for Chris Lane - Fix, Brett Young - In Case You Didn't know (should be huge) and Tucker Beathard "Mama" fare.

Is this an anomaly or are the labels just pumping out so many darts and hoping they stick and if not move to the next dart?

I feel like some of these follow up songs from the new artists are pretty strong compared to some of the run of the mill items we get from the established artist...????

Re: New Country artist struggles

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:39 pm
by nascarholly
^^^ I have zero interest in Maren Morris and Kelsi Ballerini, but I LOVE "Missing" from William Michael Morgan! :) :) :)

God bless you and him always!!! :) :) :)


P.S. Kelsi is too much of a teeny bopper in my opinion and Maren has absolutely no pep in her voice to where she comes across as boring.