Where is the New, Young Talent?

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Re: Where is the New, Young Talent?

Post by shaneavery » Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:10 am

NYT'd- New young talentED ( "ed" , if I may) are human. They are waiting for a sign from the "me" generation of robots. They know the history of radio. The sign? There will be a light!, as the top of the box is ripped off. Understood, are the poorly constructed walls. Walls without windows? " Play this, don't play that". NYT'd believe in the foundation. The bottom of the box is fine, but it's still a box. When the top comes off, and at least one of the sides? The NYT'd will make the move. Please, let it be sometime before I die. Here's an idea! Use whatever tools necessary; A. Cut an eye size hole in the wall facing north (south , if you need a history lesson), B. Look through the hole, you'll probably see something new and exciting (if you have vision). C. Go one step up the chain of command and pass the word. NYT'd know all the letters in the exsisting Alphabet. Geez, they may have already invented a few new by now. Read slower this time please; A. cut hole. B. look through hole. C. pass the word.

Future Radio Fan?

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