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Net Talk • With Regards To The Job Post Debate
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With Regards To The Job Post Debate

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 6:19 pm
by caseythehost
The original request asking to put the format, and if the position is non-paid, in the subject was perfectly reasonable, and polite. The response ... wasn't. No one was trying to dictate who could, and could not, post a job. Read it again after you calm down, and you'll see that. There's nothing wrong with posting for non-paying jobs, just say they aren't paid so we professionals don't waste our time.

It has been frustrating seeing how many ads for 'On Air Talent' or 'Morning Drive Host' are on here without telling us the format. Sometimes the body of the post doesn't even have it. My format is talk, and I'd appreciate not having to get a letter from a Hot A/C or Country format PD two weeks later saying I applied for the wrong format because they left it out. Now, if you don't care about the applicant's format background, that's something else entirely.

In this business we need to know the format, the location, and if it's non-paid. It would also be nice to have the station call letters so we can listen and do our research, but that isn't necessary. We aren't car salesmen, we don't need to be 'lured' into applying for a job.