How could I get a song in the charts using the internet?

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How could I get a song in the charts using the internet?

Post by anhalo » Mon Oct 04, 2010 11:45 am


I am setting up an indie record label, and am collaborating with a songwriter from the UK, a producer from Jakarta and a rapper from the US, and soon to also have a singer from the UK.

I want to release a song, and get it into the charts (UK charts for now), but have quite a modest budget of around £200 to do so ($316). Any idea's on how I could market this, or advice on the music industry?

I was recommended to check out this website by someone on a business network, and my personal background is primarily in internet and marketing.

I know I'll be competing in a billion dollar industry, and even I'm sceptical ;), but I don't see the harm in trying, and if I'm gonna try, I might as well go at it with whatever I can, I also want to ensure that it is worthwhile for the great people I have on board the project, who have taken the leap of faith with me by taking payment by way of a percentage of net profits.

My current plan includes a mainly viral campaign, putting the song on video sharing websites (have a friend who works with HBO helping me with a music video), and putting it for sale on places like itunes, as well as listing them on places like spotify and we7 (I have a reputable supplier that can do this all for me + barcode, etc, and chart release to the UK, US, Canada and Ireland for around £130 of my budget).

I will then try to get the song talked about on influential music blogs and forums, as well as standard social networking campaigns on places like facebook and twitter, and try to encourage social bookmarking as well. I also hope to get a few people with a large subscriber base on youtube to make mention of the song at the end of a vlog, etc, as well as people with large followings on facebook and twitter which are music related to make posts.

I know I need around 18,000 sales within a week according to internet sources to reach the top 10 in the UK market, and that the easiest time to do this is supposedly in January, as most of the industry big hitters will be aiming at the Christmas market.

If you have any advice that you think could help, or things that I might have missed or should look further into, or would just like to tell me how stupid I am, it will be highly appreciated! :P

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