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Old Format in Today's World

Posted: Mon Dec 01, 2014 4:36 am
by corneo
I remember this as a kid (1960's) but I don't know if it's done today. I remember a radio station that played 20 minutes of news (local, national) at the top of the hour and then played 40 minutes of "easy listening" (elevator) music. This station was on for years, but did change their format. (changed in 1980)

I even remember the station was played in most stores in the area I lived for shoppers to listen to because it was "safe."

Grant it, most likely it would only appeal to 35 years old and above but that's they money crowd.

Very simple format, advertisers played during news part only. My Grandfather listen to it all day at his house. He would stop what he was doing to listen to the news.

Do this sound feasible to do in today's world?

Re: Old Format in Today's World

Posted: Mon Dec 01, 2014 5:26 am
by fredcantu
Maybe it just felt like 20 minutes of news since you were a kid. I worked at such a station in Austin, TX in the 1970s. KLBJ-AM did CBS news at the top of the hour followed by a full 5-7 minutes of local news. So it was 10-12 minutes of news every hour. We did all-news in morning and afternoon drive.

This was pretty labor intensive. IIRC we had 8-10 people in the news department and a full staff of live DJs who knew the easy listening format. It must have made money because the station did the format about ten years before transitioning to full-time news talk.

Modern news-talk is a lot cheaper to do these days with lots of syndicated talk shows and smaller time slots for local news. I don't see the old format coming back unless someone just really wanted to put it out there as a public service.