How are you using Twitter?

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How are you using Twitter?

Post by ibizamitch » Thu Jun 03, 2010 2:46 pm

This is my questions for PDs today. Are you utilizing all the tools that are available to you. If you are running a Top 40/ Hot AC/ Rock/Top 40-R and not using Twitter then the answer is no.
Twitter has opened up the door to talk to your listeners whenever you want about whatever you want. You are in complete control and the audience is listening. They want to know where you are hanging out, when tickets are gonna be given away, and yes.. what kind of deals you can get them on stuff that they like.
Its being able to do this instantly and building an audience with this that has made it grow at such a rapid rate. Linking it with the artists you're playing and your DJs also helps build your audience and makes it clear exactly who you are targeting. There are many different ways to use this platform but wanted to see if there were any ideas floating around about how stations are using it and what kind of response they've had. You've got the floor... let me know....

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Re: How are you using Twitter?

Post by winterwest » Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:33 am

I'm not. And, no, I'm not missing a thing. Here's why...

First of all, while my show attracts listeners from 8 - 80, the vast majority of them are grown ups. They're not the ones you see walking around, head bowed, eyes glued to their cellphones, bumping in to walls and other people because they're so engrossed in their "tweets".

They're not out there talking to people about the hike they took or the meal they cooked. They're out there taking that hike or cooking that meal. They're not reading about the latest knife from BUCK or snowshoes from Kahtoola. They're out there using them because we put them in their hands and on their feet.
(I have a very productive relationship with both companies and many more)

The biggest problem I see with radio today is that everyone wants to reinvent it and make it something else. "It will be better if we have a website or a Facebook page or if we tweet every time someone here farts..."

I call bullshit. Or at least ignorance.

None of these great technological advances will do a thing for your station if you don't have THE BASICS in place to begin with. Sadly, that doesn't apply to very many stations these days.

It would be truly funny to watch ownership struggle with trying to make this industry truck roll without any wheels if there weren't so many good and talented people out of work.

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Re: How are you using Twitter?

Post by batcave » Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:02 pm

There are ways to make an attractive package with Twitter...

For example a friend of mine does promotion for Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. They do use coupons every Tues. This has led to the Hotel having over 16,000 followers across the country. Have not heard any stations using this to this measure but do agree that this is a way to reach an audience. Obviously it works esp with Conan O'brien having over 1000000 followers.

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