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New Voice looking for a shot

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:21 am
by fdezthemouth
I've been scavenging around these forums and seeing the smarts and experience a lot of you guys have here. Its great to see passion about radio flowing through here. I'm new to the site and just trying to get a grip on the industry and with such insightful people why not get it here. I'm an active duty military guy and honestly i'm trying to get into a broadcasting school by this summer but with the schedule its a little rough but nothing isn't doable. i was wondering if anyone on here has their own podcast/show online and wouldn't mind giving someone new a shot to BS about sports, life, women, animals, tiny asian babies or whatever your heart desires. I kid about the topics but honstly why take anything off the table you'd be amazed what opinions have on tiny asian offspring. All in all I'm really just looking for some guidance. I like most you guys have a strong passion for the 1st amendment and the enjoyment of talking to people while on the radio. Lets see what kind of havoc we can create. Thanks again. Godspeed.