Streaming on terrestrial station

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Streaming on terrestrial station

Post by corneo » Sat Jul 23, 2016 2:29 am

Recently a podcaster (streaming) show ask us to carry their show on our terrestrial station. To be honest, I get a lot of request to carry streaming show.
So to help out all of the podcasters/streamers out there on why a terrestrial station wouldn't carry your show, here is a short list.

FCC - I will get punished if you screw up on the air and say a bad word. Not taking that chance.
Streaming to station - the internet is still not reliable, I lose the feed, I have dead air. This is why I satellite shows, always works.
Over 74,000 streaming shows out there - Why are you so special?
Ads - I make money for the station with ads. Companies want popular names to run ads on. (your not popular)
Money - Somebody is going to pay for your show. Either by ads or your pocket. I'm a business for profit, you want it free? Go to a not for profit radio station and ask them.

How can you get on the air?
Come in and talk to the station. Don't email or call. Come in. I want to see your smiling face.
Do your show from my station - You will pay for the air time and the staff to engineer your show. You sell ads for your show, you time is paid for.
Cost - depends on many factors. Some stations charge as little as $25 per hour, shop around.
Time availability - Yes, I do run locally produce shows, at certain times of the week. I'll let you know what time slot you have. Yes, we can pre-record your show.

What type of shows do well?
Specific shows. Like: home and garden, auto repair, home repair. (you get the idea) Many businesses do weekly shows to push their business and sell products at their stores. Radio stations love these type of shows. Why? Because people like them.

What type of shows may not work?
I would say stay away from music theme shows. These type of shows can a be big headaches.

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