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Shut Down FCC

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:23 pm
by chuckbrown
With the recent actions in congress, our beloved FCC was forced to shut down services to the broadcast/wireless community. Our little broadcast group suggests that it would be a FANTASTIC idea for FCC chairman, Tom, to call his employees back to work, and ignore the shut down. Can you imagine what a good-spirited feeling that would create among the people who have entrusted the FCC to organize the airwaves; both broadcasters and citizens alike? My guess would be the good folks at the FCC would enjoy staying on their jobs, and don't exactly relish the backlog they'll experience when they get back.

So if you know any of the commissioners or workers at the FCC, and would happen to know how to reach them right now (keep in mind, even the switchboard and e-mail is closed down), ask them how they feel about going back to work right now. This would be true of other government offices, too, but we're broadcasters, so this is our office of concern.

Again, this is a good-spirited, wholehearted offering on All Access today, not laced with ANY sort of political agenda. We are the americans, and FOR and BY the people, and we'd like to know our trustees are in the mindset to keep the wheels in motion, no matter what the course of political activity. What are your thoughts? Do you know any FCC chair people that you could contact to ask to go back to work? We appreciate all their efforts, and want to know they support us during all times. Hey, Tom Wheeler, we know you care about us? Let's just show the political, vocal few that we support the less vocal many by staying on the job, and because our hearts are in the right place; that we know the essence of what is right at the core.

Our little group isn't opposed to putting together a petition, even if submitted after the FCC re-opens, to be sure that this doesn't go un-said. The fine people at the FCC deserve to know how we feel about the situation; about them, and their hard work.

With all respect;

Chuck Brown