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Drake-Chenault's "The History of Rock and Roll"

Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:39 am
by rogerwimmer
Please tell me where I might find a copy of "The History of Rock and Roll" narrated by Harvey Miller—the revised version from 1971. Thank you. - Anonymous

Anon: There is a lot of information about the original 48-hour show from 1968 on the Internet, but I had a tough time finding if the exact show you mention can still be purchased.

I contacted a few friends and Phil LoCascio sent a few links for you to consider. As far as I know, these aren't the exact show you are talking about that are narrated by Humble Harve Miller, but they will give you a start:

Rock One

Rock Two

Rock Three

Thanks to Phil for his help.

Finally, I haven't give up finding more information. A few friends are still looking and I'll post new information here if anyone sends me anything.

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