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Grandfather’s Pills

Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:16 am
by rogerwimmer
Doc: I know this is probably a unique question for your column, but thought that you might be able help. My grandfather has recently developed health problems and he has to take several pills each day. We bought him a daily plastic pill holder that works great, but he sometimes has trouble making sure that he puts the correct pills in each of the spaces. The problem is that some of the pills look similar (several small white pills). Is there a way for him to make a final check of the pills so he doesn’t things confused, or take the wrong ones? We try the best we can do to help, but once in a while things get mixed up. - Anonymous

Anon: Interesting question and I have heard this before from people need to many pills each day. The pill holder is great, but it’s easy to get confused. The best thing to do is this:

Every pill, both prescription and non-prescription, now has an identification number imprinted on the pill and that should help with the confusion.

First . . . Make sure you and grandfather have a written list of pills to take and put the list in a safe place. On this list, make sure to include each pill’s ID number. It’s also helpful to write the ID number on the pill bottle. Use a red marker and write the ID on the bottle label.

Second . . . When you look at the pills to put them into the plastic holder, look at the ID number (best use a magnifying glass) to make sure that pill’s ID number is the same that’s on your list. I think you’ll find that you and your grandfather will soon be able to identify each pill by its ID number rather than the size or color of the pill.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

For more information about pill identification numbers, click here

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