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Net Talk • President Trump and the NFL
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President Trump and the NFL

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:58 pm
by rogerwimmer
Doc: On our radio station, we’re getting all sorts of positive and negative comments about President Trump’s involvement in the National Football League (NFL), specifically what the players should or not do when the National Anthem is played (kneel, etc.). It’s really getting crazy. Any suggestions about what we might be able to do to address this situation? - Anonymous

Anon: My guess is that your radio station isn’t the only one that is being deluged with comments about the Trump/NFL situation. Probably the best thing is to allow listeners to vent their comments, but be prepared to take close control over the situation if the comments become inappropriate for your radio station.

The folks at your radio station should ask themselves at least two questions: (1) Is it important for the President of the United States to spend time (any amount) on the NFL topic? and (2) Are there any other topics that are more important for the President to discuss and/or address? The answers to these two questions should give some direction in reference to what you should do on your radio station.

I have never seen/heard/experienced things about politics similar to what is going on now. It’s an almost daily bombardment of confusing comments and situations. My goodness.

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