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Net Talk • WSDD [100.3 The Sound] flips to GenX 100.3
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WSDD [100.3 The Sound] flips to GenX 100.3

Posted: Sun Dec 26, 2010 1:05 pm
by jgibsonatrl
A very unlikely format flip occurred this morning at 12AM CDT. It is a BS reformatting done by CommieChannel executives.
Saw this on the Sound Facebook page this morning:

Thanks so much for listening to Modern Music For St Louis 100.3 this year. We're signing off The Sound to make way for GenX Radio - Grunge, Hip Hop, Hair Bands, Boy Bands - and everything in between! reports that Modern Music for St. Louis is gone.

Looks like Dana Loesch got her grubby hands on the station yet again.

Impact: KPNT stands to be hurt the most, and expect a refocusing of music to become more 2000's and current and possibly more alt-based. KYKY will continue on to becoming KSLZ-lite. KIHT (K-HITS) and/or KSD (93.7 The Bull) are the next ones in line for a format change.