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World's First Online Radio Show

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 5:40 am
by mygeneration
My Generation - Now Available Live!! The World's First Online 60s Radio Show!!


My Generation started in 1996, which is almost half way back to the 60s!

Remember the 60s? Would you like to recreate them on your station?

Now the world's first online 60s radio show is available LIVE exclusively to your station anywhere in the world! It has many of the features you might want from a sixties radio show. B sides, rarities, interviews, quizzes - which of course are more fun in live shows where listeners can make contact with the studio and try to be first in with a correct answer - even features not heard elsewhere such as "They Write The Songs", highlighting the songwriters.

This live show has something that many stations around the world forget - a live presenter. Continuous music has its place, but no station worked that way back in the day. There was always a friend behind the mic to joke and inform. There still is. Here!

For more information, visit