Wearing a Rolex while Riding a Motorcycle

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Wearing a Rolex while Riding a Motorcycle

Post by rogerwimmer » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:34 am

Doc: I was fortunate enough to inherit a Rolex watch from my Dad and I have a question about it. I have a Harley-Davidson and ride quite often. Do you know if I will ruin my watch if I wear it while riding? I have searched the Internet and can't find a good answer. One friend said he heard that since a Rolex is a self-winding watch it would "over-wind" and break if worn while riding a motorcycle. I sent two emails to the Rolex company asking about this, but I didn't receive an answer. Do you know the answer? - Anonymous

Anon: I didn't know the answer to your question, so I called a certified Rolex dealer here in the Denver area. He said that it's probably not a good idea to wear a Rolex, or any other good watch, while riding a motorcycle. Not because the watch would "over-wind," but because the vibrations in your wrist might loosen the screws and other parts in the watch. He said that a Rolex has a clutch in it to guard against over-winding. The final thing he said was, "Why would anyone want to wear such a nice watch while riding a motorcycle?"

Finally, I'm not surprised that Rolex didn't answer your emails. I have heard that complaint several times from other people.

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