Copyrights for Radio Station Promos & Parodies

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Copyrights for Radio Station Promos & Parodies

Post by rogerwimmer » Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:16 am

Hi, Doc: When a radio station uses segments of a song for a Promo or an Intro for a segment, do you have to ask for permission to the Artist/Author/Record Company to use it? Do you have to report it to the Associations? What about parody songs made and sung by the staff of the radio station? Thanks in advance for your help! - Anonymous

Anon: Interesting questions. So that I don’t have to reinvent the information wheel, I’ll direct you to a few websites for your answers.

Station Promos. You’ll find in this article that you will generally need special permission to use music in promo materials.

Parody Songs. These two articles explain that you also need permission even for parodies:

Parody 1

Parody 2

There ya go.

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